Chateau La Peyruche - Côtes de Bordeaux "Tradition"

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Most Bordeaux lovers have heard of Saint-Emilion, but possibly not some of its satellite regions which with this wine heralds "Cotes de Bordeaux."

It is in these satellite regions that great value can be found. Although there are exceptions to every rule, all wines from the Saint-Emilion region will be predominantly Merlot. Merlot, being a close cousin genetically to Cabernet Sauvignon, does well in this region because it ripens a little earlier than Cabernet Sauvignon and therefore matures better in a cooler climate.

After tasting dozens of Bordeaux wines for this website, the 2017 Chateau La Peyruche stood out for its excellent value.

Not made for long term aging, this wine is meant to be consumed within its first 8 years of its vintage. The soft Merlot tannins allow this wine to be very drinkable at any age.