Right Bank Bordeaux - Chateau Piron

"The estate of the castle extends over 16 hectares in one piece, including 12 hectares of vines planted on clay soil with a limestone base on the area of ​​the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée Montagne Saint Emilion. Exceptional sunshine. promotes viticulture. The grape variety is made up of:
85% merlot
and 15% cabernet.
We are fortunate to have a land touching the slopes of Saint Emilon producing rather exceptional wines for those who like full-bodied and heady aromas.
We respect the terroir which gives the taste to the wine. No standardized product, no fashionable complacency, we prefer to use nature and our privileged terroir to make an authentic wine that does not look like all wines and that has its own personality.

We age our wine according to the tradition transmitted by our elders without giving in to the sirens of commerce.
Our wine, we are proud of it, it is the result of an alchemy between our vineyard and the people that we are. "


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