Burgundy - Domaine Bertrand

Since 2000, our vineyard is conducted according to the methods of the fight reasoned.

The control of the yields, the work of the grounds, a rigorous follow-up (counting - controls - observations), allows us to limit the treatments and to intervene if necessary in the respect of the environment and the soil.
The objective is to offer wines with fewer inputs and which perfectly reflect our terroirs and our environment.

The majority of our vines are grassed to improve the structure and the lift of the soil, to protect the soil from climatic aggressions to facilitate the development of the biological activity.

For our red wines, the vines come from the grape "Gamay", grape with black skin and white juice. They are planted at a density of 8,500 to 10,000 feet / hectare - short cup size.

The white Beaujolais from the "Chardonnay" grape variety are planted at a density of 6,000 plants / hectare - long guyot type.

We have also started the restructuring of a part of our vineyard in recent years by choosing a "wide vine" (2m x 0.80m, 6,250 ft / ha) to facilitate tillage, to move towards better aeration of the vine and reduce the working time per hectare.
This vine structure also allows us to work with winter seedlings (cereals, legumes) in inter-rows to work and occupy the soil with a plant cover.