Southern Rhone Valley - Domaine La Mereuille

The   La Méreuille wine estate has existed for several generations and is now operated by Philippe Granger. Focused after the war on market gardening and vines by Marcel Bouyer, the grandfather, the Domaine turned completely to wine vines in 1970, on the choices of Michel Bouyer, the son and his wife.

In 1980, they both enlarged the property and decided to enhance the production in the bottle. They then created the Domaine "La Méreuille", which means "La Merveille" in Provençal.

Located straddling the towns of Orange and Châteauneuf-du-Pape (on the left bank of the Rhône), about fifteen kilometers north of the old Pontifical City, the lands of  the wine estate , located on the slopes of the Mont-Redon and Cabrières plateau, are made up of a beautiful clay and limestone terroir, and flint pebbles on alluvium from the Rhône.