Loire Valley - Les Pierres D'Aurele

Les Pierres D'Aurèle is a 23 hectare family wine estate located in the heart of the Loire Valley. For the last ten years or so, the dynamism of young winegrowers Ms. and Mr. Frot has enabled the domaine to rise to the rank of the top French vineyards. It is in this spirit that they took over the vineyard in 2010 and that they work daily to develop high quality terroir wines.

The vines are cultivated on the clay-siliceous terroirs of Chenonceaux with the greatest respect for our environment. The vines, aged 15 to 105 years, have deliberately limited yields to obtain grapes of optimal quality.

After the harvest, they take the greatest care in the vinification to achieve a range of rich balanced wines, from the fruity Sauvignon Blanc typical of Touraine to the less known Pineau d'Aunis rosé. 

These wines are a joy to drink!