Chateau Piron - Montagne Saint-Emilion

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Most Bordeaux wine lovers have heard of Saint-Emilion, but possibly not of some of its satellite regions; which in this instance is "Montagne Saint-Emilion

It is in these satellite regions that great value can be found. Although there are exceptions to every rule, all wines from the Saint-Emilion region will always be predominantly Merlot. Merlot, being a close cousin genetically to Cabernet Sauvignon, does well in this region because it ripens a little earlier than Cabernet Sauvignon and therefore does better in cooler climates.

This 2016 vintage, Chateau Piron, displays classic Merlot spice and keeps the wine lover coming back for more. 

Drinks extremely well now but properly cellared you'll be wanting to pull this gem out in around 7 years to impress your friends.

Can be enjoyed with any red meat.